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This blog is a window into my creative business and lifestyle. I love the outdoors and going on adventures. Photography and videography are a way of life and this allows me to capture the people and adventures along the way. I also enjoy any form of creativity and I am always keen to try new things.

Friday, 20 March 2015


With a bright morning I was convinced I was in for a good viewing of the eclipse, but the cloud soon rolled in and I feel lucky that it showed its face through the cloud at all! With this being the last time to see such a view like this within the UK for around 90 years, I wanted to capture a few images. I am pleased with the outcome considering the cloud that was hindering the view and it truly was a spectacle to remember and a rare opportunity where the sun, moon and earth were aligned in harmony. 

Saturday, 7 March 2015


I have released a new version of Hidden Waters that was filmed a while back. I recently found the raw footage and felt that a new more up to date edit could be achieved. So I set about creating a new version and was very happy with the results! The outcome is a fly fishing short that gathers momentum and delivers beauty, action and adventure.

I clearly remember capturing this film within the Lake District and the landscape, light, fishing and dedication from both Paul Richardson (the angler) and myself to capture exactly what we wanted to achieve was excellent.

A few screenshots from the finished edit below and please take a look at the video by clicking the link below.


Friday, 6 March 2015


I have released a new showreel demonstrating the variety of creative projects ClockworkCloud MEDIA has produced. Please take a look below.