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This blog is a window into my creative business and lifestyle. I love the outdoors and going on adventures. Photography and videography are a way of life and this allows me to capture the people and adventures along the way. I also enjoy any form of creativity and I am always keen to try new things.

Thursday, 31 January 2013


Ok, so my New Year's resolution was to keep on top of my blog. With less than 30 minutes left before the start of February I guess I got off to a bad start! January has been pretty much wet and windy, with a brief spell of warm weather (for the time of year) and ending with a huge dump of snow leaving the UK stressed and at a stand still! The snow has now gone and it seems to be gale force winds with the odd thunderstorm thrown in to end January 2013.

I have managed to get a good start on my time lapse project that will be running throughout 2013 (see image below) and I am dreaming of Spring sunshine so I can get some proper motorbike touring in the bag. Roll on Spring!

Note to self: must keep blog up to date from now on.